• We scan newspapers, business magazines, trade publications, Chamber of Commerce directories and websites for people who are being quoted or listed.
  • Once we have added a person’s record to our database the first communication we send to them is by email introducing ourselves, asking them to verify their information, and asking them whether we may send them further marketing communications.
  • We remove anyone who does not want to receive our communications.
  • We monitor any usage of our database and deal with any non-deliveries such as email bounces or mail nixies immediately.
  • If we have not heard from anyone within 24 months we make a telephone call to that person verifying their details.
  • The average age of any record on our database is 237 days since last update.
  • We read all out of office messages sent back to us as they sometimes indicate if a person has left their position and who has replaced them.
  • Our bounce rate for emails is 0.2% (2 per thousand).
  • We lose about 250 records each day due to email bounces or people having left their positions or people opting out.
  • We add about 275 new records per day giving us a small net gain.
  • We have highly skilled researchers who fuss over each record on our database.


  • We are guided by the work of John Giles, Managing Partner of Michalsons Lexing Inc, who is an advisor to the Direct Marketing industry body DMASA, of which we are members.
  • On close examination the conclusion is that this process makes the database of people who have replied to us POPI compliant.
  • If anyone asks one of our clients “where did you get my data from”, as they are well entitled to do, we ask our clients to say “Interactive Direct” and give them our contact details so we can reply adequately to the enquirers.
  • If you have any further questions you are more than welcome to contact me and we will do our best to answer them.