The tables below show the Interactive Direct Executive Database broken down by broad management levels. First there are the heads of companies, then directors and partners, followed by anyone with a General Manager title. The middle management section consists of line managers across the full range of titles. Specialists are anyone with a specific job title that identifies them either as professionals, such as legal advisors or engineers, or software developers and technicians for example. The Other Levels section covers everyone at a service level, such as receptionists, PA’s, secretaries, and admin, call centre and sales staff.

For segmentation purposes salary levels can be estimated so that lifestyle selections can be made. Area selections can also be made, down to suburb and industrial area level. The executives outside South Africa are primarily in the SADEC region. If you are marketing a consumer product the great value of the database lies in the fact that you will always reach an employed person, and be able to select across a wide range of broad salary/management levels.

If you are marketing a business related product or service selections can be made based on type of industry. For instance you can select only government employees, or specific levels of management within a particular industry or group of industries. The database can be deeply segmented to find the right decision makers for your product. For further information on the database and to help you make an accurate selection for your product please contact me at or call me 083 460 6328.